Monday, September 21, 2020

Rocky Mountains Ethics remote Boulder presentation


There was a successful presentation of Matjaz Potrc, Vojko Strahovnik and Jonas Miklavcic paper entitled Transparency, AI, and the Double-Standard Argument: Chromatic Transparency in Judgment and Decision-Making, at the 13th Rocky Mountains congress, August 16th, 2020. Kevin Scott commented. For almost a week, I enjoyed all the presentations. Alastair Norcross and his Boulder University pals organized the event in such a manner that I really felt to be in Boulder again, just like last twelve years each summer. But I was in Beljak, Nebesa, and in my home where some interesting creatures paid me a visit.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Matjaz Potrc summer 2019 activities

Some of my activities in summer 2019:
. With Vojko Strahovnik I successfully presented the paper Chromatic Illumination in Belief Fixation and Implicit Bias (with several philosophers being in audience, including David Christensen, Branden Fitelson and Hilary Kornblith) at the 27th International Epistemology Bled conference (June 3-7, 2019). This is by the way the series of conferences that I co-founded with John Biro from Gainesville Florida 27 years ago.
. At Boulder Colorado RoME (Rocky Mountains Ethics) conference I successfully commented Marcus Arvan (University of Tampa) Normative Stance paper, on August 10th, 2019, prepared together with Vojko Strahovnik.
. Visit to Mark Brown, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY, and his beautiful thousand island resort, middle August 2019.
. The work on our Oxford University Press accepted book manuscript with Terry Horgan and Vojko Strahovnik is in full gear.

 First picture is from Thousand Islands NY, the second one from Sink Boulder restaurant, and the third shows me with Andrej Medved, an excellent philosopher, poet and gallery expert, who prepares his PhD with me and Misko Suvakovic (Belgrade).
    Some of my current publications:
. Book chapter entitled Ontological Vagueness: Why It's Impossible and Why Metaphysical and Semantic Lessons are Severe, written together with Terry Horgan (Arizona) will be published soon in The Sorites Collection, Springer Synthese library book series 2019 (eds. Ali Abasnezhad and Otavio Bueno).
. Open Journal of Philosophy (2019) let us know that my and Vojko Strahovnik paper Ontological Reflection on What there Is "enjoys great popularity".
. Croatian journal Filozofska istrazivanja 153 just published my paper Judgmental Belief, along with presentation of Croatian translations of my books: Dynamical Philosophy, and Language, Thought and Object. (Thanks to Luka Janes, Roni Rengel and Stefanija Kozic).
      So far about some things that happened.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Tucson with Horgan January 2019

Matjaz Potrc visited Terry Horgan in Tucson AZ, where they discussed, work together and hiked in the desert. At University of Arizona Philosophy Department their book Austere Realism is displayed.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Wuerzburg honor

Professor Potrc was honored as an alumni of Wuerzburg University Germany, for having accomplished his studies there twentyfive years ago. He also took part at this occasion at the Egypt forum event.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Matjaz Potrc and Marjetica Potrc

Matjaz Potrc met his sister Marjetica Potrc on August 29th, 2018 in Cajnica Ljubljana. While he mentioned his book projects, Marjetica explained some of her busy constant all over the world artistic engagements.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

RoME 2018 Boulder conference

Matjaz was at the Boulder RoME 2018 conference where he and Vojko Strahovnik commented on the paper In Moods for Reasons. In Boulder, and then in Sink Boulder restaurant. Met Alastair Norcross, Mylan Engel, Bruce Russell, Eva Kittay, Julia Driver, among others.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Terry Horgan and Matjaz Potrc May 2018

Terry Horgan and Matjaz Potrc worked end of May 2018, with Vojko Strahovnik as well, on the epistemic agency project, in Matjaz's home in Slovenia.